Are you looking for a big adventure?

If you are seeking adventure, maybe the ARC, perhaps heading down to the Med or if you want a taster to see if blue water cruising is your cup of tea you've come to the right place. Penguin and I can prepare you for an offshore journey making sure you have the skills, confidence and equipment you need to sail offshore. Check out my Shore Based Service which deals with how I can help you prepare your craft, crew and equipment; we also provide advice on weather, routes and offshore communications, looking at different sources and options available.

Offshore Cruises (2009)
During the year we sail Penguin in some of the most fascinating and challenging offshore cruising areas and occasionally join in a local race to keep our crew on their toes. The choice is yours, day sailing along the south coast, participating in an organised offshore race or taking a longer trip down to the Atlantic  for example you will find Penguin is the perfect choice.

To find out more about booking a trip on Penguin, or to use our services see Enquiry Form or Contacts Page. We look forward to hearing from you.